Satisfied Automotive Customer Reviews

"I would recommend Kerrigan's to anyone looking for an honest mechanic with reasonable prices. I trust them implicitly. They never recommend unnecessary work and do a great job every time I go there. I have literally recommended that my entire family switch form their current dealerships and begin going to Kerrigan's. The owner and front desk Rep are extremely helpful, honest, and decent people."
-Ben O.
"The guys at Kerrigan helped me out when I got stuck at work with a car that wouldn't start. Triple A couldn't get it going so I had it towed to Kerrigan 30 mi away. Kerrigan had it running the next day. Kerrigan is great for service, skilled mechanics, and at a fair price. They are my go-to mechanic."
-Lilah B.
"Today, I turned on my car and started to drive and my check engine light came flashing on and my car started to shake... I gave them a call at 4:30 and they got me in and took care of my issue!! highly recommended, excellent service every single time I go there."
-Mike M.
"Been going there for years ,would recommend them to anybody!"
-Greg S.