Brake Fluid Service


Brake fluid is a HOT topic because most people do not know why it should be changed. Did you know the average motorist who drives 10,000 to 15,000 miles a year uses his/her brakes about 75,000 times a year? Did you know that nearly half of all motorists in a recent Car Care Council survey said brake failure was their #1 fear amongst driving emergencies? So consider this: after three years of service, the average boiling point of the brake fluid has dropped to a potentially dangerous level because of moisture contamination and may not meet minimum federal requirements for brake fluid.

Probably half of all cars & light trucks that are 10 or more years old in the U.S. have never had their brake fluid changed. Yet in many European countries, regular brake fluid checks are required, and half of all cars routinely fail such tests. That is a good case for changing the brake fluid.
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Many experts have long recommended changing the brake fluid every two years for preventive maintenance. Their rationale is based on the fact that glycol-based brake fluid starts to absorb moisture from the moment it is put in the system. The fluid attracts moisture through microscopic pores in rubber hoses, past seals, and exposure to the air. The problem is obviously worse in wet climates.

As the concentration of moisture increases, it causes a sharp drop in the fluid's boiling temperature. Brand new Dot 3 brake fluid has a dry boiling point of at least 401 degrees F. Brake fluid with only 1% water in the fluid can push the boiling point down to around 320 degrees, and 3% will take it all the way down to 293 degrees, which is dangerously close to failure under normal stopping conditions.

Simply replacing the fluid every two years will ensure full stopping power allowing safe and confident driving. For such a low cost service, it ensures safe stopping for you and your family!!!